The purpose of conducting technical advisory of the investor i.e.project management is to ensure realization of the construction concept before and during the execution of works.

Technical advisory includes the following or only a part of the following activities:

  • financial, legal and technical advisory relating to designing, construction, use and removal of constructions
  • financial, legal and technical preparation and planning of construction related tasks and monitoring of the plan implementation
  • selection of the designers, the auditor, the supervising engineer, the contractor, authorized geodesic engineer and other engaged in construction and counseling in contracting jobs with mentioned
  • connecting and cooridnating the work of the designer, auditor, supervising engineer, authorized geodesic engineer and other persons participating in construction and supervision of their work with the purpose of protection of the rights and interests of the investor
  • obtaining documents, analyzes, studies, elaborates and other documents necessary for making of the conceptual, main and detailed design and construction removal design
  • obtaining all documents and concluding all legal acts needed for issuing the acts for implementation of documents of spatial planning, construction, use and/or removal of the constructions and obtaining of these acts
  • obtaining all documents and concluding all legal acts necessary for construction and performing actions which the investor has to perform during the construction.

Services we provide:

  • expertise in telecommunications, electronics, electrical engineering and IT
  • expertise of devices for control and regulation of the railway traffic